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Bates Brothers Amusements
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Safety is Bates Bros. Amusements NUMBER ONE priority. Nothing is more important to us then being able to provide your family with a safe and fun visit to one of our events. We put great emphasis on ensuring the safe operation of our rides and equipment through a rigorous inspection and maintenance program.

Amusement Ride Inspections

A rigorous inspection program is one of the keys to running a safe amusement operation. Our equipment is inspected annually by the State of Ohio and weekly by local fire departments and inspection groups. On a daily basis, our ride managers perform safety checks of each ride utilizing a safety inspection checklist that is specific to each attraction. This informs the inspector of a multitude of pertinent inspection points.

Maintenance Program

Proper maintenance of equipment is another key component to running a safe operation. During the season, each piece of equipment is inspected and if any issues are found, the proper maintenance procedure is taken to make sure that the proper repair is carried out and is safe for operation. During the off-season, we perform routine maintenance on our rides at our Wintersville based facility. At our facility, we have the capability to re-build equipment including sandblasting, electrical, and mechanical maintenance.

Rider Responsibility

The third component to ensuring a safe visit to the carnival is rider responsibility. During your visit to one of our carnivals, we highly recommend adhering to the following rules:

  • WALK, DON'T RUN on ride platforms or the midway
  • MEASURE UP before you ride and adhere to ride height requirements. You can use our online measure-up tool to see what rides your child can ride safely.
  • READ ALL posted rules on each ride before riding
  • FOLLOW the rules of the ride operator
  • SIT, NOT STAND while the ride is in motion

Safety Video

We recommend reviewing the following safety video with your children before attending one of our events.

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